Sam – Mt Hay Thundereggs

We arrived at Mount Hay late in the day and set up camp.  After that we bugged Dad to go fossicking because you needed adult supervision.  So went to see Don the owner to get kitted up with picks, buckets of water and bags for our thundereggs.  After an hour we went back to the van.

Day 2 – Agenda, Wake up, have breakie, get dressed and then go fossicking.  We found lots of goodies once Don brought up a new pile of dirt from the mine.  We got our best six thundereggs cut!


Next a group of school kids came along and I helped out.  The next school group was even bigger so helped out again.  The most commonly asked question was ‘Is this a thunderegg?”  and the most common answer I gave was “NO, this is a thunderegg” because I had one in my pocket to show them.  I also decided after all this not to become a teacher because I got extremely sick of answering the same question over and over and over and over again.
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2 thoughts on “Sam – Mt Hay Thundereggs

  1. Sam, what I can you have been doing is helping others, because you knew what to look for, so see it from that point of view rather than having to deal with people asking the same questions all day!. Cheers, Pa