It scarcely seems possible and was completely surreal driving back through awful Sydney traffic. But after 371 days on the road, we were back to see my dad in Westleigh. After parking and leveling Alice in the sloping driveway, the boys were straight into dad’s 1950’s Mechano before it was time for dinner. It was wonderful to see Dad, Alison and my aunt and uncle, Ros and Les for dinner and a glass of lovely champagne. On Sunday we were off to Dural to see my sister Kirsty and her wonderful family who I’ve missed so much.


After a quick trip to Leichhardt to collect a years worth of mail and of course the most important thing, Lego that James bought on-line six months ago, it was back to Westleigh for our very last sleep in our beloved 14′ wobbly box that we’ve called home for the last 372 days.


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