A little bit of nerdy tech excitement . . .

Hi, Just a quick note to say we are still alive and kicking in outback Mataranka, NT, hanging out at the thermal springs here. The travel blog is about to be updated so I apologise for the upcoming avalanche of post-emails to those of you who subscribe. It has been a challenge to get back up to date with either fabulous company or lack of internet hampering our best intentions.  The little bit of excitement I mentioned is that now all photos that are posted on the blog are able to viewed at higher resolution (a light box effect is the web term) by clicking on them.  You will no longer be navigated away from the page you are on but can just view the larger version of the photo in a pop up box (when you are reading the blogs on the website). Yay! That had been bugging me for ages but now it’s fixed.  Thanks for reading!

The other side . . .

We have made it all the way to the other side of Australia!  Now I guess we are just coming home – but very slowly.  About as fast as we left home really.  It’s taken about this long (4.5 months) to really settle in to the trip.  There have been ups and downs, really good bits and stressful bits, but no parts yet that we have really hated.  All our “adventures” are being recorded in the Travel Blog section, so click on that tab if you’d like to see what we’ve been up to.  Usually it’s running about a week or two behind as it takes a while to collate and edit it all.

We are about to tackle the famous Gibb River Road (GRR) and have our fingers crossed that the car and the van hold up to 680km of corrugations. Then it will be onwards towards Darwin.

10 months to go and counting . . .

Well, here we are in March already.  I can’t believe how the year is flying by.  Soon it will be time to pack up all our belongings and start our trip.  I swing between many different feelings, ranging from excited and happy, to being absolutely terrified.

At this point there are many things to worry about.

  1. Finding a caravan.
  2. Packing up our house.
  3. Finding someone to rent it.
  4. Deciding what to take.
  5. Figuring out how the heck it will all fit in our caravan and Land cruiser.
  6. Trying to remember “Less is more” and living by it.
  7. The four of us living side by side four a whole year, day in day out, in such a small space.
  8. Educating the boys.
  9. Coping without my shower.
  10. Making friends with dirt.
  11. Sharing my daily environment with insects and reptiles.
  12. Spending so long so far from tertiary medical facilities.

I could go on and on but I guess you get the picture.

To return to my happy place I imagine: –

  1. Endless days by the beach.
  2. Soaking in the wonders of the outback.
  3. Not having to organize my life around work, school, scouts, soccer, cleaning and tidying.
  4. Generally not having so much stuff in my life.
  5. Looking at the stars.
  6. Listening to the silence.
  7. Sharing of all the above with my family.

I guess I’d better get started on getting some lists together.  Wish me luck!