Photo Gallery

Julian has been busy taking lots of photos as usual.  They are organised by state.  There will be lots of them eventually!

Listed are the links to each state.


South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory


And lucky last NSW . . .



One thought on “Photo Gallery

  1. We couldn’t get over how dry the Warrumbungles are – isn’t it a lovely area? We slept in the old tram carriages when we were there but I have a feeling they have gone. Loved your photo of the skies – a great photo. I have a feeling you enjoyed Lighting Ridge – Did you have time to go to the underground Opal shop or an underground mine? As you were so close did you bother to go to Walgett? Such an interesting inland town!!! Obviously ALL enjoying the champs at the Bellbird C.P. The photos are bringing back wonderful memories for us. Thank you.