Tom Groggin Horse Camp

Keen to escape the crowds we ventured further into the Snowy mountains. Right to the border of Victoria to set up camp on the Murray River at Tom Groggin Horse Camp (and yes there were horses, but not the wild kind).


A local from Jindabyne, what better way to wash off after a hard days ride?

There were some more steep hills on the way, meaning second gear for me going up and down, with rest periods on the descents to let our stinky brakes cool. However, we made it without a hitch, pulling in to our camp and setting up with a nice view over the mountains and river. Our camp was idyllic, we were perched just metres from the river and had the place pretty much to ourselves.


Alex and I had made the effort to ask at the park gatehouse if Tom Groggin camp was full. The uninformed reply was ‘Oh yes, this time of year I expect it will be very full’. The horse camp was nearly empty. Alex and I rode up to Tom Groggin proper, about 3 kilometres up the road, which was just enormous. Probably six foot ball fields worth of flat, empty space not including the extensive river frontage. I guess the gatehouse attendants don’t talk to the rangers or get out much.  We whiled away our two days here chatting, swimming in the 22 degree river, sitting around the fire and relaxing. This would definitely be a spot to come back to.


James, Ella and Sam deciding between NSW and Victoria in the Murray.

This was also where we would see 2015 finally disappear. New years eve was sombre, with some tears from James and Kris as the enormity of the trip that we have been planning on and off for almost a decade and then living for the last 12 months inexorably drawing to an end. None of us really wants to go back. There is a visceral freedom about what we have done and a closeness in our family from this experience and I don’t think any of us wants it to slip away. The good news is that we are still away, yay! And that we got to share NYE with great friends. We even made it to midnight – just…



NYE 2015 – what a perfect end to an extraordinary year for us.

One thought on “Tom Groggin Horse Camp

  1. Brought a tear to my eye too!
    We have enjoyed sharing the year with you through your blogs, wonderful pictures and especially through your two visits.
    Best wishes for a happy return to “normal” in 2016.