Bittangabee Bay

As always we stopped at the border crossing for a family photo (why break with tradition?). This one, back into NSW, was number 13. James and I didn’t really want to get out of the car and spent awhile discussing our concerns about coming home, back into NSW. We all decided that sadness was our prevailing emotion – can you tell?

DSC_7190It wasn’t far to Ben Boyd NP and we were soon at Bittangabee Campground. Annoyingly there was someone camped in our spot (online bookings only for this popular NP campsite), so we had no option but to wait a few hours twiddling our thumbs till they came back from a hike. Luckily they moved without fuss simply stating they couldn’t be bothered with the online booking system. Once we finally got set up it was off to the beach and it was easy to see why this spot is so popular.

Bittangabee Bay is beautiful. I think it was the combination of the tranquil crystal clear waters and the deep green of the surrounding bush with the open ocean only a few hundred metres away. It held a real magic for me. Finally the weather seemed to be turning as well. Was it that we were finally back in NSW? The afternoon unfolded into blue skies with only light winds which continued for our whole 3 night stay. Yippee!!


We headed down to the beach mid morning and magically had the place to ourselves for awhile before we were joined by a trio of boys, much to Sam and James delight. Luckily Sam had brought five monster trucks down to the beach with him and with enough to share around it wasn’t long before there was an enormous sand city being constructed.  As these things go we were soon chatting to the parents of the children and so it turned into a very social two days for everyone.

Julian also managed to squeeze in a walk to Cape Green lighthouse while I took one for the team and “supervised” the boys at the beach.  It was a tough two days 😉 .

DSC02698Cape Green Lighthouse.

DSC_7221Me flat out at work supervising the boys.

Although it was idyllic during our stay the campground was really only running at about 1/3 capacity.  I was advised by a fellow beachgoer, a regular of 15 years, that once boxing day came the beach would be packed with families and the whole feeling of the place would change.  All too soon it seemed it was time to pack up and head off up the coast to Pambula for our last beach campsite before heading inland again.

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