Marlay Point, Lake Wellington

Lake Wellington is the western most lake in Gippsland’s famous Lakes District. This connects to Lake Victoria and finally, to lakes Entrance and Bass Straight some 60 km further east. Marlay Point, on the northern shores of Lake Wellington, is another free camp that Kris found on Wikicamps. After getting our warranty replacement car battery at the Repco dealer in nearby Sale, we visited an interesting swing bridge near Sale.


1883 Swing bridge near Sale. The oldest still functional in Australia and the first built in Victoria.

One new battery! Writing the date helps me remember when warranty expires.

A few kilometres later it was time to set up on a lovely patch of grass and watch the pelicans battle the wind as they fished in packs on the choppy surface. James’ fresh flathead was delicious as first course for dinner!


A pod of pelicans fishing on windy Lake Wellington.


Once the wind died down just after dinner it was a lovely spot to spend the night and next morning – very tranquil.

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