Sam – Melbourne

When we arrived in Melbourne we set up outside Aunty Adrienne and Uncle Christopher’s retirement village in their private lane.  XO XO XO later (lots of hugs and kisses) we went down to their house, James and I loaded with Lego.  We we got inside James and I instantly started building my sailing ship and his truck.  The next day we went to Lygon St to wander around all the shops and we found Brunetti’s, a gourmet cake shop that stocked ice cream, gelato, macaroons, cakes, muffins, eclairs and lots more amazing treats!  Then we continued to walk down the street to the park.  Some very loud motorbikes went past which was very annoying.wpid-brunettis-counter.jpg.jpegWhen we arrived at the cool looking park I had a look around and then went straight to the swings (I really enjoy swings).  Then we headed to the Museum of Melbourne which was right next door and had lunch in the café. We went to the evolution Gallery which was quite interesting.  Firstly I looked at the Fossil exhibit and there was a giant Teridactil hanging from the roof.  Next I stuck my head in the Gemstone Gallery which had a 3D movie.  You sat in a circular room and the walls acted as one big movie screen.  The next exhibit was about Marine Life.  It had lots of fossils of ancient marine animals and even a squid from a sperm whales stomach.  Next there was the Wild Gallery which had lots of stuffed dead animals which included (but was not limited to) a snow leopard, lion, various birds of prey, a water buffalo, a thylacine and a grizzly bear.  Then we went home.

DSC_6538On another day we caught public transport (trains and trams) to Saint (click,click – bang) Kilda.  The one thing I learned that day was that trams are an absolute nuisance because they get in the way of traffic and take up half the road.
Bye from Sam.

2 thoughts on “Sam – Melbourne

  1. Thank you James for another great post which brought back memories to us of your second visit with us. We were near Brunetti’s last Tuesday when we went to see a movie at the nearby cinema. I am sure that I put on a kilo just looking at the cakes in the window!