James – Mildura

After Peterbough we headed to Mildura.  On the way there were heaps of small towns and some of them were called Terowie, Burra, Saddleworth, Eududa, Morgan, Renmark and my favourite Monash.  Monash was my favourite because it had a really cool adventure playground/park.  It had a big maze with a slide in the middle. It also had two wonky towers that you climbed up in, on ladders. The two towers were joined together by a walkway. On one of the two towers there was a chain bridge leading to a sandpit. Unfortunately the pool next to the playground wasn’t free as it was stinking hot. We could only stay at this awesome adventure playground for an hour as we still had a way to drive that day.

The awesome playground at Monash.

At the end of the way to drive we found our destination: Merbein Common on the Murray River. I can’t believe that the other side of the river was NSW. We had a busy time here because;

1) The car needed a pink slip,

2) We visited NSW for a day to go to the Perry Sandhills and visit the PS Ruby (a paddle steamer) at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers, turning into the Murray Darling River.IMG_3484_fixed


3) I swam in the Murray River and we made an awesome city with our monster trucks, we used the bucket while we were playing but it somehow started to float down the Murray River so I had to strip into my boxers to go and get it! Luckily this was not the NT so there were no crocodiles in the river.


4) We went to the library and to K-mart and bought monster trucks on special. Next we went to the Grampians.


New monster truck being tested out at Perry Sand Hills.


By from James.

2 thoughts on “James – Mildura

  1. Dear James Les and I are so thrilled that you weren’t eaten by crocodiles as we are looking forward to seeing you and Sam at Pa’s on Saturday night.
    We have also seen the paddle steamer and the junction of the two rivers. There were men on the bank fishing but with no success whilst we were there. With much love Les and Ros xxxx