Sam – Halls Gap Zoo

After doing abseiling the previous day we headed off to the Halls Gap Zoo. First things first, we did a Meerkat Encounter. The instructors put some carrot, apple and celery in your hand and said to hold it up high until the photographer was ready. One cheeky Meerkat tried to jump off the flower pot next me and get a snack!


When I lowered my hand one immediately ran onto my lap and started eating. When the food ran out and we got up to leave, one of our furry friends tried to sneak out with us. After that we walked around the zoo. There were lots of animals including cheetahs, cassowaries, deer, does, ostriches, giraffes, an albino peacock, bison, alpacas and wallabies.



  I very much enjoyed my entire zoo experience.

Bye from Sam.

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