Sam – Grampians Part 2

… And the rope snapped but I managed to haul myself back over the edge and we went straight home!


Gratefully that did not happen :-).

After I reached the bottom it was James’ go. He went down about 30 cm before he had to be hauled up because his harness waist band was in the wrong spot and it really hurt him! After that he went over the edge again and with lots of encouragement he made it down. The first thing he said was “I’m not doing that again”. Mum came down –¬†slow and steady she was, making her way down the face, 13 meters to go, 10 meters to go, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, touch down! After that I sprinted up to have another go. I went a bit faster this time and paused half way down for a photo. Next dad came down and I got a photo of him. When he got to the bottom he said it was quite uncomfortable to stop like that. Three more goes later and it was time for us to go home. I thanked our instructor very much and got in the car.

When we got home James and I found a good area with lots of divots, jumps and drops to ride around. We had loads of fun. When I went to the loo that night we saw some people tight rope walking on a ratchet strap tied between two trees. He even let us have a go, but it was really hard. Coming soon, the zoo…

Bye from Sam

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