James – Uluru

After Kings Canyon we went to Uluru and we met Grandma and Grandpa there.  Luckily they were in an apartment so most of the time we were at Uluru we just relaxed at their apartment and watched TV, but that wasn’t the only thing we did.  We did heaps of bush walks and we rode around the base of Uluru itself and one of the days we went out to Kata Tjuta and did two walks.

Uluru DSC_5025

Kata Tjuta DSC_4526

The worse thing we had to do was get up at 5 o’clock on the dot every morning we were there.  The best thing we did was going out to a buffet dinner that had a chocolate fountain! It had an excellent selection of seafood, meats and salad.  It also had rice, pork belly, biscuits and lots of different types of cheese.  For dessert they had ice-cream, lemon tarts, chocolate panacotta and opera slice. The lollies, marshmallows, rock melon, pineapple and honey-dew melon were the things you dipped into the chocolate fountain.  That night I went to bed at 10 o’clock.  It the best dinner I’ve had in my life.

Bye for now, James!

2 thoughts on “James – Uluru

  1. It was wonderful having you here again, but I am sorry that my dinners were not quite up to the wonderful one you have described in this blog!
    I hope the storm did not trouble you on Monday night. It slipped by us here with only some light showers.
    Love to you all.