Alice Springs

After a few gratuitous photos of our M*A*S*H (Moving Always Stuffy Home) in a dry-as-dry creek bed, we headed into Alice for the night. Another refuel, another restock. This time we stayed at the ‘G’Day Mate’ caravan park. The friendly operator Alan made up for the chintzy name. He was incredibly helpful, and lived up to the numerous positive comments on WikiCamps (courtesy of nomads with time to kill perhaps). Once set up, we headed straight for the pool – too cool for the locals at 22 degrees, but perfect for us. And by design or by luck, it was next to the laundry, so we could get washing done and check on the boys. One thing we noticed after the bush was the noise. All through the night we could hear constant traffic, occasional trains and even a few planes. Neither of us slept well.


Kris posing at the creek crossing leaving Trephina Gorge.

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