Sam – Carnarvon Gorge NP

At Carnarvon Gorge NP we met Pa. He travelled up from Sydney to see us.  He delivered me a Hogwarts emblem cloth badge from Aunty Kirsty !flappy!!!muted!!!!!!! :)  :) as a late birthday present.

The next day we walked to Boolimba Bluff.  It was really steep and difficult but a great view.  Later we went to Mickey’s Creek.  There was a beautiful section that was about 1m wide and 30m tall with moss growing up the sides.  It was really amazing considering it’s location because there is not much rain at Carnarvon.

The next day was a rest day so we returned to Mickey’s Creek for a quick visit.  The day after that we did THE BIG WALK. We all walked straight to the Art Gallery, the 4th stop.  We had a look at it and then had lunch.  After that Dad, Pa and I went on to the very end while Mum and James turned around to visit Amphitheatre, Wards Canyon and the Moss Gardens.  After 4km we found Cathedral Cave.  It had lots and lots of rock art.  The weirdest one I could see was of a shell pendant. Next we went to Bowinda gorge which was really narrow and had a floor of pebbles.  Then we turned around and 5.8km later we arrived back at the Amphitheatre.  You walk through a small crack in the rock and come out into a big chamber without a roof.  It is super echoey.

DSC_8946We saw about 3 echidnas.

Next stop on the walk is Wards Canyon where the water has formed sheer sides and there are lots of ferns at the bottom.  The last stop on our journey was Moss Garden which had lots of ferns and moss on the walls.
Over the duration of our stay in Carnarvon we walked over 50kms! I really enjoyed seeing Pa again.
Bye for now, Sam.

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