Even though it was only 17 km from our last camp site, Kris had decided some time ago to treat the kids to the very best that caravan parks could offer – this proved to be Cairns Coconut Big 4, voted the best camp site in Australia! It is enormous, and as well manicured as any 5 star resort. The reception girl insisted I inspect the caravan site when I checked in, and we jumped in a golf buggy (with a plastic Nemo on top) to make sure it was ‘OK’.


Our palm perfect camp site at Cairns Coconut Big 4.

The place boasts 55 staff and not a palm frond is out of place. Mind you, for the price, you would want a palm frond being gently waved over you as grapes, wine and rare delicacies were offered up on gilded silver trays. They boast a world class water park, mini golf course, pedal go-karts, free wi-fi, excellent camp kitchen (with fresh herbs of course), tennis and basketball courts, several heated pools, two spas, and not one, but two jumping pillows, one of which they claim is the worlds biggest! I’m not sure why size matters in this competition, but clearly it does. The boys loved exploring the various water based offerings of the park on both days. And on the second morning, the boys and I wandered down for free pancakes by the pool. Nothing was too much trouble.


Fun park mayhem at the water park and world’s biggest jumping pillow.

Cairns was also a ‘job stop’ – I had some outstanding warranty issues to resolve with Alice – important now as the van is finally out of warranty, so these would be the last ‘freebies’.

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