Sam – Karijini

At Karijini National Park we did lots of gorge walks and my favourite was Knox Gorge class 5 walk.  It involved lots of really tricky sections including a really tricky one where you had to get around a narrow ledge with no marked hand holds or foot holds.  The next day James and I rode our bikes through the mud and got very dirty.  Almost every day it rained and some times we had to get out of the gorges in the rain.  Dad got some good shots too.  At Fern Pool I got to sit under a waterfall to get clean.  I  also did a Karijini junior park ranger booklet and when I completed it I got a cloth badge.


One thought on “Sam – Karijini

  1. Sam – i am loving your blogs and with Daddy’s wonderful photography to go with it you could write a book. love Ros