Barn Hill

We added Barn Hill to our list after camping neighbours at Lucky Bay (yep, way back down south near Esperance) showed us some postcards depicting massive rock formations on the beach. They were heading north to work at Barn Hill CP over the dry season. So here we are 2 months later. . .
Barn Hill is part of a large cattle station. The CP was high up on the cliffs. It wasn’t the prettiest of campsites and the bindies/grass burrs were horrendous and had us all cursing from time to time when one inevitably ended up in your foot! It was a 10 minute trek down a narrow goats track down to the beach, but it was worth it. The beach was beautiful and the rocks were indeed amazing.


P1050409We are now in big tide territory – low tide 2.5m, high tide 8.9m! At high tide the swimming was fine (keeping an eye out at all times for tell-tale fins), at low tide – it was a long walk to the water, another 150m at least! The colours in the sunsets were just spectacular especially reflecting off the amazing almost lunar rocks bordering the beach. Apparently the colours are different up here because of the fine particulate dust in the air. We spent three nights here relaxing and walking/playing on the beach.

DSC_3922Massive “Rio-Tinto” mine site reconstructions.


One longer walk (3.6km one way) to the northern end of the beach revealed caves and amazing sea creatures.


Green-shelled crab, about 15cm wide.


An unknown creature, about 10cm long. Answers from the readers???


P1050427Amazing layers of rock.

I was mesmerised by the colours, especially at sunset. The rocks and the water were spectacular. I would definitely come back here again!  We were again joined by our friends Peta and Darren and it was lovely having company for walks and chats.


2 thoughts on “Barn Hill

  1. What a spectacularly beautiful country is our Australia….thank you for the stunning photographs which will probably be our only way of seeing that particular part of it!

  2. Hi Guys

    You look you are having an amazing time.

    Andrew and I went touring on our bikes this past summer. We saw some beautiful parts of Australia. So diverse! Definitely got the bug now. Can’t wait to take off again.

    Loving keeping up with your adventures

    Susan :)