On Saturday, day 84, we packed up (which wasn’t too hard, because we hadn’t really unpacked) and made the enormous move from Peppermint Grove to Sorrento, just 30 minutes north. The plan was to stay with my cousin Bec and her family, then stay on for a few days house sitting and looking after Sam the wonder dog, whilst they snuck away to Brisvegas for family birthday celebrations. We ended up staying in their beautiful home and looking after Sam for a week so we could see them for another day on their return.


Our first evening in Sorrento.


Sam the wonder dog! Our boys loved feeding and walking Sam every day.


Hanging with the Thornes in Sorrento.

We spent the first half of the week visiting Kings Park, Fremantle and the WA aquarium dodging the frequent heavy downpours which would plague us here in Perth for the whole week. We had dinner with my first cousin once removed Nic Ellis, a much awarded press photographer who has been a positive influence driving my photographic passion on and off over the last 35 years.


At Kings park – looking back to Perth.



AQWA – full of beautiful fish.


The view out from Fremantle Round House.


Sam acting the part at the Round House.


K – A quick snack for us and a beer tasting “plate” for Julian at the famed Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle.

The boys both spent a good while admiring the Year 12 (HSC – equivalent) Art Exhibition at the WA Art gallery on Thursday before we headed over to catch up with some fellow ‘Clockwise Lappers’, the Lonerghans for a BBQ dinner.


James admiring his favourite picture.

The week’s activities also included a trip to Yanchep NP (on the northern edge of Perth) and a catch up with Kris’s cousin Clare, who has just had a very cute little girl, Lucy, with her husband Paul. Kris’s aunty Janet (from Canberra blog fame) was also over to help her daughter Clare, so Perth has been a great kaleidoscope of family and friends.


A walk (again dodging the rain) at Yanchep NP.


K – A visit to new baby Lucy at the hospital resulted in this pic, in which Lucy so resembles Sam at the same age I was tempted to label it “Greetings to the newest family member” and get everyone thinking for a few minutes.

I also squeezed in a service on Betsy, and bought some new wiper blades, which were just in time for the continual rain showers during the week.

3 thoughts on “Sorrento

  1. Can really sympathise with you having to cope with rain on your holidays – here is it really awful with records being broken all over the place. No leaks in our little house but some of our friends haven’t been so fortunate – e.g. one in the second bathroom, another in the living room and yesterday in Dover Hall for a meeting the roof leaked and so a nice red bucket came in to play. It was such a coincidence as the Project Manager for building works in the Village had just been talking about having to refurbish Dover Hall and the Chapel or even demolish and rebuild and down came the rain. There had been a warning that the Chapel’s roof was in trouble and we found out it was so.
    Just thrilled with the photo of the Thorne family as we saw them last year but haven’t seen Nic for years. I think the last time was when he visited the family at Westleigh. Hope the rain ceases for you and thrilled that you were able to visit the Aquarium. best love

  2. Great blog Jules, you all look very happy and relaxed…you have all certainly settled into the lapping life! Love to you and Kris and Sam and James XX

  3. Hi JKSJ,
    The last of city living for a while, and it looks like every one was having a good time (including the dog). I like your range of city pictures, although Sam seems not like ‘the stocks’ at the museum! Quite reasonable I would think.
    Now for the great north-west, I trust the machinery holds up.
    Love Grandpa.