James – My week at Lucky Bay

After we finished the Nullarbor we went to Lucky Bay.  There are beautiful beaches. Next to our camp-site there was an awesome tree that we made into a tree-house.


We even made a self destruct mode.  The next day we went down to the beach and I learned how to body-board.  Body-boarding is very fun if you do it properly.  I like body-boarding because you go really fast on the waves.



Dad also went fishing and caught 3 herring.  We had fish and pasta for dinner.

LB_P1030674We also made an awesome Sand-Sculpture which looked like a castle.  ( That’s what I call a sand- castle).


I went snorkelling and this is a picture I took.


The kangaroos came to your camp-sites.

Bye from James.

2 thoughts on “James – My week at Lucky Bay

  1. Hi James,
    Happy to see you were having great fun at Lucky Bay with all the water games. I liked your underwater picture and the castles, and the kangaroo.
    After boogie boarding and fishing, did you eat the caught fish?
    Love Grandpa

  2. James, get Julian to tell you about our trip to Carnarvon Gorge. We were setting up for breakfast. He poured some corn flakes into a bowl, then turned to find some milk. Whilst his back was turned a kangaroo moved in and took his corn flakes. Also we saw goannas which were so fat because tthe campers kept feeding them. They could only move very slowly. Cheers, Pa