Sam – South Australia

At Naracoorte caves we went on a cave tour and saw some fossils including Thylacaleo and other Mega Fauna things.  The next day we travelled to Adelaide.  It was boring!!!!  We spent most of our time at JAYCO  getting the van fixed.

Sam fixes Alice

We had a dragging break shoe.

Then we went to Port Augusta and went to a van park with a pool – yay!!!  It has been 42 degrees for the last few days.  We went to see Wadalata Outback centre which was lots of fun!

At Baird Bay I went swimming with sea lions and there were pups as well.  We could not go on the beach but about 6 came into the water.  On the way back we saw a pod of dolphins and got to swim with them as well.  James had a sea lion that kept on jumping into his face and I saw a pup playing with some sea weed and made eye contact with one!  It was supper exciting and thrilling!!! A once in a lifetime experience.

Baird Bay
Later that day me and Hedwig (our trip mascot – a school owl) went to Pildappa rock and climbed it.  It felt exciting.


In Ceduna I went crab fishing.  We caught 8 Blue swimmer crabs off the jetty.  We had 4 nets and James caught 2 in one net!!!! The minimum legal size is 11cm from one side of the shell to the other.  Firstly you need a crab net and old (stinky is optional) fish, a long rope and a jetty or pier.  Secondly you need to get a bucket full of salt water and about 3 hours of your time (that’s how long it took us and we were lucky). Next you need to wait about 9 minutes between putting the nets down and hauling them up again and you should have a good crab or two per haul.  That is how you go crabbing.  I discovered I do not like the taste of crab meat that much but it was exciting catching them.

Blue Swimmer Dinner

2 thoughts on “Sam – South Australia

  1. Hi Sam,
    There seems like a story is being made about the ‘trails and tribulations’ of the Caravan wheel hub you are working on in Adelaide. One day soon jobs like these could be yours.
    The large Crabs looked to have big ‘nippers’ that would be very painful on small fingers and toes: I hope you did not get ‘nipped’!
    Swimming with the Dolphin’s was exciting, and I’m glad you liked it.
    Love Grandpa

  2. Eye contact with a sea lion pup would be remarkedly rsre also.

    Clare has always wanted to swim with dolpjins since visiting Sea World in Qld in1994.

    As she lives in Perth she will be pleased to know where to find dolphins.

    I am not ecstatic about the taste of crayfish either. I agree that the msin fun is catching them and trying to hold them without being nipped.

    On the farm Geoff Maureen and Janet would sometimes catch yabbies in the dams.
    Grandma Gladys then dropped them in a saucepan of boiling water. I did not like watching them die in this way.