Coffin Bay

It was only a short (45km) drive this morning to Coffin Bay on the western side of the tip of the Eyre Peninsular.  Another standard lunch of sandwiches (Just for the record – James – avocado, cheese and mayo, Sam – avocado, cheese, tomato and ham, Julian – cheese, mayo, ham, tomato and avocado and pepper and Kristen – ham, tomato and avocado and mustard).  We will have to mix it up next month.

We spent the afternoon in Coffin Bay NP walking on super soft white sand and looking at sand dunes (it felt silky on our Hobbit toesies, but the downside were little collections in the boys seats).  The water was not too chilly at about 19 degrees.

Coffin bay birds_DSC_0078Sam and birds_DSC_0083The birds proved too much of a temptation for Sam!

Boys at CB beach_DSC_0092James beach CB_DSC_0089

It would have been fun to see the huge sand dunes up close but we decided that it was too late in the day to deflate and inflate the tyres. Jules had a crack along one sand track and it took the low range in reverse to crawl out (just a tad of adrenalin in that exercise).  So instead we decided to do the only sensible thing, head back to the caravan, shower and clean up the boys and head out to what will be our last flash restaurant meal for a while.

‘1802’ was the local flash restaurant, named after the year Flinders sailed past.  We quickly decided that good food and a bottle of wine is a great mood lifter (mainly needed to counteract what seems to be our constant battles with the kids who seemed to have turned their listening ears off lately – I guess also a consequence of living together 24/7 now for almost 6 weeks).  I had a great dish of sashimi king fish followed by a yummy desert of chocolate and salted caramel tart.  The boys had pizza, fruit meringue and chocolate moose.


The next morning we packed up, and Jules spent half an hour washing bird poo off the car (the price of shade).

One thought on “Coffin Bay

  1. Hello to everyone. I am really enjoying reading your blog. You can really ‘see and feel’ the places you are visiting. I don’t know where you find the time to keep it all so up to date including all the great photos. Life at school seems very boring in comparison.