Day 1 –  3:  We woke on Sunday to discover we had drained both batteries overnight (oops) by leaving the caravan fridge hooked up to the car.  After we solved that issue, we got away in heavy rain, arriving in Canberra to stay with my Aunty Janet. We headed out on Sunday night for a treat and had an excellent meal at Beluccios in Dickson.  It was a slow night for them and James managed not only to charm his way into a full tour of the kitchen but also into 4 free tickets to an Asian Cup football game for Tuesday night!
We were awakened in the early hours by the noise of James scratching his head. Luckily, we had the foresight to bring the nit comb. Unluckily, we had to use it! Six hours and several extinguished cooties later, we hit the shops for supplies, had an early dinner and turned in with any plans for sight seeing delayed for another day.

On Tuesday we headed off to visit Parliament house – we had somehow managed to miss this on previous visits and thought seeing as though we were about to circumnavigate this great country of ours the boys better see where it is all run from.  It was much better than expected – the tour was great!  We even had a picnic lunch on the roof under the flag.boys at parliment house P1030231Kris parliment house P1030233

Then home in time to scoff a quick dinner and make it to the soccer.  It was great seeing an international game even in the continuous drizzle. After a soggy 1:0 win by South Korea over Kuwait, we spent time catching up with my uncle Steven and family who were also calling through Canberra.

great-aunty Janet_PH000031

great-aunty Janet

One thought on “Canberra

  1. Hi Kris,
    Did you recall to Sam & James how you walked over the Parliment House Hill, when it was covered with grass and trees, before the ‘New Parliment House’ was built. Where you had your picnic lunch was approximately the top of the natural hill.
    Love Grandpa