Green-Acres Tarcutta

After two days with Kris’s aunt and uncle in Wagga, we again imposed on family. This time with Kris’s uncle Robert at ‘Green-Acres’ at Tarcutta. Because I was expecting the car to splutter to a halt at any moment, the 72 km trip from Wagga was agonizing. Thankfully we arrived without a glitch late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. The boys were overjoyed¬†to be at “the farm” again, and we were welcomed with open arms by Robert and his wife Jenny.


Looking the part with our new mascot.


Having the stress of potential mechanical failures at literally every turn for the last few days, Christmas simply had not been the priority. However, it was wonderful to be with family in a place we always find very restful. Robert and Jenny also thoughtfully added some gifts to our Chrissy stockings.


Christmas day 2015 with our wonderful hosts, Robert and Jenny.

We had already decided to continue our plan to meet with our friends Alex and Mel in Kosciuszko NP, but after checking weather reports, we opted to delay a day to avoid forecast overnight lows of zero with heavy rain. This allowed some more farm jobs to be done, such as removing pig traps and gassing rabbit warrens. This sure is the life!


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