Merry Christmas

Julian, Sam, James and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  It has been an amazing year for us and we hope very much that you have enjoyed coming along and sharing just a little bit of our journey with us.
Our journey will continue into early 2016 but our itinerary is quite fluid at the moment as Betsy (our 4WD) has been having a hiccup or two.  We have her back from the mechanic (after riding on a flatbed truck from Pambula to Wagga!) without any firm diagnosis and will give her a little test run today.  If she behaves we hope to make it up into the Snowy Mountains if not . . .
So,  again wishing you all a Merry Christmas,
Team jkjs!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Sorry to hear about Betsy, but she probably enjoyed…and deserved…the piggy back!
    Love and best wishes to you four for a happy Christmas, and a happy settling back into life as you knew it before lapping!
    Cath arrived this morning and the four Thornes have just landed, so we’ll all be together shortly.

  2. Well that must have been fun – why all the way to Wagga – what was wrong with say Nowra? Anyway do so hope all goes well as the wild flowers in the Snowy are lovely. We will be thinking of you. Have a fun day tomorrow and hopefully you are on WIFI for Christmas day greetings. Best love xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy New Year to you all. I can imagine full of mixed emotions. Hope you enjoy Kozi – and I’m glad to hear you made it. Travel safe xx

    • Thanks Kim, very sad to think we’ll be home in under a week… 40 degrees where we are today! Loving your blog, although pics still come in upside down from time to time… Cheers and happy new year to you guys too. Julian