James – Macdonnell Ranges

I liked Trephina Gorge because one night mum and I went out on a walk called Panorama walk to watch the sun go down and the milky way come up!  I came back to find dad fire twirling which is when dad makes sparks go everywhere to take photos of!!  The sad thing was that one of the biggest sparks landed on my favourite pair of boxer shorts and made them catch on fire.

After Trephina gorge we went to Ellery Creek Big Hole.  The reason that I liked this place was that we made an AWESOME monster truck city on the bank and a monster truck town on an island.  Unluckily the water 17.8 degrees Celsius so I thought I was going to freeze to death !!!!  The good thing was I met some kids in a canoe.  The canoe had a blow up dolphin that was being towed behind the canoe.  I rode on the dolphin for the first bit but not for long because I fell off it , ha, ha, ha!!  A few minutes more of paddling around and we heard the words “BIRTHDAY CAKE” so one kid got off the canoe and raced us to the island where only canoes could go.  One of our friends was with us in the canoe and the other one was clambering along the rock wall.  Who will win . . . (dun dun dunt) . we did!  When we got to the island we got offered free BIRTHDAY CAKE.

After Ellery Creek we went to Orminston Gorge.  After we set up dad got the boogie boards down and we rushed down to the water hole as fast as we could because it was stinking hot.  After we got back from the beautiful Pound walk the next morning we borrowed an inflatable dingy from Nick the kiosk man.  So we used the boat for exploring and occasionally towing each other behind the boat.

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2 thoughts on “James – Macdonnell Ranges

  1. I hope you weren’t wearing the shorts at the time your fire happy Dad was playing, James. If so, Sam would probably call out “Liar, liar, your pants are on fire!” Cheers, Pa