James – Canarvon Gorge NP

We left Blackdown tablelands and we started the drive to Carnarvon Gorge NP.  There was about 18km of dirt before we got there and as I was expecting Pa was waiting for us at or campsite.  We had Birthday cake for dessert. The next day we did 4 walks.  One was the Boolinda Bluff walk, another was a walk that took you to some art (forgot the name of it) and finally my favourite one.  This one had 30 feet high walls and they were covered in moss.  It got so narrow that I could touch the walls on both sides.


The only bad thing is I slipped into the water on the way back! The next day Pa booked a tour for Bandana Sunset and luckily we only had to be there at 3pm so we had time to go back to my favourite gorge which I was telling you about.  Luckily I did not fall in the water this time. After that we went to Bandana station.  I thought it was awesome because you got as much cheese, bickies, damper, cake and Anzac biscuits as you wanted and for the adults beer and wine. The next day we did a 28km walk but mum and I only did 22km of it.  The thing that I can’t believe is that a 75 year old man can walk 28km.  I thought it was beautiful!!  I really liked the Art gallery. We also saw lots of echidnas on our walks .


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post. Yours sincerely, James.

2 thoughts on “James – Canarvon Gorge NP

  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs James. Your descriptions of the places you visit and the experiences you have are very well written. Fancy Pa being only 75… Christopher is fast catching up to him! Love from Adrienne.