James – Blackdown Tableland NP

DSC_8878After we left Mt Hay we started the drive to Blackdown Tablelands National Park.  Before we got there we had to go up a big hill, luckily it wasn’t too steep!  The next day it was MY BIRTHDAY!!!  The only downside was that the excitement made my body stay awake all night.  Luckily that was the only thing that bothered me for the whole day.

I got heaps of presents including 2 Lego sets, food, money and my new hat!  My favourite present was Grandma and Grandpa’s one which was a bionicle General Grievous.  The thing that amazes me about Grievous is his enormous size!  It says on the box that he is 32cm high.  The other thing that amazes me about the General is how many pieces he comes with.


Anyway, back to business.  After I opened all of my presents I started to get dressed and have breakfast and all that tickerdee doodah.  The treat that I only get on my birthday that is my favourite is extra computer time.  On this birthday I had 3 and a half hours of computer time.  After all that computer time we had lunch, we had yummy wraps.  I thought the wraps were delicious.  Delicious wraps make me feel good!


After lunch we went on a 2km bush walk that took us down to Rainbow Falls which were beautiful.  We looked around Rainbow Falls and then we went down to the falls below which I think would have been more impressive.  Unluckily we couldn’t get down to the bottom of those falls.  Unfortunately we couldn’t see it particularly well because we couldn’t get to the bottom of the falls.


I had very nice Cabonara for dinner.  After that we watched one movie (Spiderman) and one Grand Designs episode!!! Then we went to bed.


Bye for now, James.

3 thoughts on “James – Blackdown Tableland NP

  1. So glad you had a happy birthday, James. It was fun to read about it.
    Yesterday was MY birthday and I spent it in Adelaide where we used to live before we came to Melbourne. It was lovely to see many friends from the 10 years we lived there.

  2. What a great birthday post James! Delicious wraps make me feel good too and Leroy, Peter and I love watching Grand Designs too. XX Aunty Erika