James – Mount Hay Thundereggs

When we arrived at the campground we set up as fast as our little legs could carry us !!  Finally we managed to get our teeny tiny caravan set up!!
Unfortunately it took a lot of bugging Dad before he accepted our wish to do fossicking and lumbered off to the fossicking pit.  Sam got the bucket of water, Dad got the picks and I carried the plastic bags. Firstly Don, the owner, came down and explained what Thundereggs looked like and while he was doing that he found a big one and gave it to us.  We found lots of medium sized ones after that so in my opinion we were very successful.

P1070280Thundereggs form when lava flows have gas bubbles in them, then when all the lava turns to solid rock cracks form in the ground then water rich in mineral seeps in and crystallizes to make Thundereggs.

P1070277Don cut our thundereggs in half for free.

I had an excellent time fossicking for thundereggs but unfortunately that is all I can write for now, but I’ll show you one when I get back to school.
Bye for now, James.

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