James – The story of Ed and Ted and Ted’s dog Fred

Hi, I wrote this story after I read Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s book called “The Bad Book”.

There once was a man whose name was Ed.  Ed had a friend whose name was Ted and Ted had a dog whose name was Fred.  Ed and Ted and Ted’s dog Fred lived in a shed. Ed liked Ted and Ted liked Ed but Fred did not like Ed and neither did Ed like Fred.  One morning Fred bit Ed’s head. Ed screamed and screamed trying to get Fred off his head and eventually he got Fred off his head.  Ed immediately fled in his red car.  Ted just woke up with all the noise and saw that Ed wasn’t in his bed so he rushed out of his bed to look out the window.  He suddenly realised what happened and rushed out of the shed to chase Ed but his car wouldn’t start so he hitched Fred up to the emergency sled and gave chase.  They were gaining on Ed when suddenly Ed slammed on the brakes because it was the edge of a cliff.  Fred put his paws down but it didn’t work so they crashed into each other and fell off the cliff.  They fell into the water and got swallowed by a whale whose name was Shrek.  When Shrek blew his blow horn they burst out.  Suddenly Ted had an idea so he pulled out his handkerchief and held it above his head and the wind took them and they landed on the cliff edge. At last everyone loved each other so they walked home and lived happily ever after. The End.

I hope you enjoyed my story.

From James.

2 thoughts on “James – The story of Ed and Ted and Ted’s dog Fred

  1. I loved your story James!

    It made me laugh late at night when I probably shouldn’t be staying up to read. But look what I found. Something to tickle my funny bone.

    Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton had better watch out :)