After a detour into Broome to pickup a new gas regulator (our third on the ‘lap’), and a quick overnighter just outside Broome, we cruised into Derby. This was to be a refuel and resupply stop. Apart from the pretty line of boabs along the main street and an interesting jetty, there is not much to sell it as a destination. Kris took the boys to some local Saturday morning markets (K – here we learnt that if you feed frozen mango pieces through a sausage/meat mincer you end up with soft serve mango – Yum, yum, yum!) whilst I did some consulting work. We also visited the local museum (which was okay for the gold coin entry fee) and watched our last sunset over the Indian ocean from the Derby wharf at King Sound.

DSC_4201Boabs – iconic of the Kimberly.

DSC_4217Derby jetty at low tide.

DSC_4210Crane to nowhere.

DSC_4214Boabs in the main street.P1050724Saturday morning markets.

Next morning we topped up the tanks and headed east for the first time in 5 months towards the Gibb.

DSC_4220Leaving Derby to start the Gibb River Road!

One thought on “Derby

  1. Julian, as you ventured into Derby you might not have known that my Uncle Viv Davison, when living in Broome 1937-9, captained the Broome cricket team. With Derby being the closest town, only 225 km away, they were a frequent opponent. Broome invariably came away with the cup. Cheers, Dad