Broome was our ‘holiday within our holiday’, a break within a year of constant travel because instead of spending the week in the van we were staying in a three bedroom villa close to Cable Beach. I realise this sounds greedy, but the reason for the flat was that Kris’s parents, Sue and Geoff, were coming to stay with us for a week. So on Tuesday, 2nd June, with 14,205km travelled since leaving home, we parked the caravan, unpacked, switched absolutely everything off, and spread out into our new palatial dominion. The boys were ecstatic, not only were Grandma and Grandpa there but we had free WiFi and a big TV with Foxtel. They are now well versed in useful things such as off shore game fishing, aircraft crash investigating, breaking out of maximum security prisons, restoring various old cars, and the love lives of salt water crocodiles! Thank you National Geographic channel.
Our week in Broome was simply divine, a real holiday. We caught the eery stair case to the moon on two nights, perused the night markets, saw 120 million year old dinosaur footprints at low tide at Guntheaume Point, wandered around Old Broome, popped into the museum, watched camels on Cable Beach, got up close and personal to some very large crocs at Malcolm Douglas’s Croc Farm, and indulged in Broome’s excellent restaurants every night of the week!


Staircase to the moon over Roebuck Bay



Camels fleecing some tourists


Broome Port – showing the massive tide range



120 million year old therapod foot print versus 10 year old hand print


Taking in a little Japanese.





Each croc tooth can be replaced up to 20 times… tops!


The best view of a salty – Malcolm Douglas’s Croc Farm

Sadly, jobs also had to be done, and pretty much everything was either scrubbed, mopped or washed. I managed a day of fishing off Guntheaume Point with one of our temporary travel companions, Darren. A few measly and barely legal Rock Cod were all we had to show for our efforts, which went back to temp future anglers.
Fishing with Darren – no luck this time

All too soon we bade a sad farewell to Geoff and Sue with a final coffee at a posh café overlooking Cable Beach. Then it was time to head into the relative wilderness of Cape Leveque.


We spent plenty of time in the resort’s heated pool


Cemetery for Japanese pearl divers.


Our first Boab tree – Broome museum

2 thoughts on “Broome

  1. What a lovely week for you all! We hope that you are planning to publish a book of photos (with some text!) at the end of your adventure….your photos are stunning. It took me a few seconds to recognise the long haired blond “lady” at the end of the table in the Japnese restaurant! Adrienne.

  2. we are now in Lisbon with a very slow computer. I will await return home to view the pics. At least the keyboard doesnt have arabic letters to confuse the unitiiated. Everything is goind well – a short sprinkle yesterday was our first rain. Love, Dad