Port Hedland

DSC_3852On the Road to Port Hedland – it was not defaced last time I took the same pic in 1998.

It seems the rain is following us, or we’re following the rain or it’s just a really big system.  Port Hedland was meant to be a two night stop over but the CP had a “pay for 2 stay for 3″ deal so three it was.  Just as well, as we only managed half a day of sightseeing much to Julian’s disappointment.  The rest of the time it was either raining too heavily to go out or we were doing jobs.  Julian was very keen to check out his “old stomping ground” as he kept calling it.  It seems not much has changed.

DSC_3862One of the old haunts – good for a lusty beer or three on a Thursday afternoon.


A bucket wheel reclaimer in the blending yards.  I commissioned the three blue scrubber stacks on the right during my last trip in 1999.

IMG_3096Port Hedland Port.

Port Hedland really struck me as an industrial port with no aspirations to be anything else.  There was nothing to really welcome the tourist apart from a lovely tourist info centre and art gallery.  The houses that we drove past, including the posh part of town were mostly bleak and boring without any sense of being loved. We chose not to live here in 1998 and would not reconsider in 2015. It was hard to imagine how you could create a sense of home here.

P1050375On the way out!

2 thoughts on “Port Hedland

  1. we are home safe and sound. Surrounded by paperwork, bills and electrical equipment that keeps buzzing at me to do something. Not sure what! Funny to be home and reality hit hard to-day. ALDI and Woolies and $150 later we have SOME of the things we need to have for meals. i did make a list but just a tad tired when it was written out – 11.30 last night. Will write again when I am a bit more up to date with “things” here. Visitors for lunch on Saturday is the main concern at the moment. Our: Yachtie” friends are in Pittwater for only a few days and come across to us by public transport. Hope to pick them up at Pennant Hills Station.. Ended the trip on a very happy note – the Cruise Director, with whom I have spent some time, gave us a bottle of champs as a farewell gift. How about that?? Love to all from us both Les and Ros