Sam – Coral Coast

At Lancelin we went sand boarding.  I learnt to stand up and went down some really steep hills.  Then we went 4-wheel-driving and Mum got really scared.  It was awesome fun!

At Cervantes we went to the Pinnacles.  Some of them were 4m tall.  We went there at sunset and midday.  Sunset was really pretty. In my opinion, Dad just wanted to go there for a great photo opportunity and to be able to say we went to the Pinnacles.  I found then quite boring because I thought they would be higher and more dramatic.

At Kalbarri our campsite had an amphibious tank and James and I had loads of fun on it.  We played a game where we pretended to army soldiers and we were transporting army supplies and injured people to and from the battle field.  Dad lent us the walkie-talkies so we could radio each other.


We also did a “Canoe the gorges” tour and it was excellent.  There were loads of flies and it was really hot.  Paddling was really hard work.


On the way to Shark Bay we stopped at the famous Shell Beach which is supposed to be completely shells but it had sand on it!?


We then drove onto Denham and picked the only van park with a pool.  We met some other kids and made an awesome monster truck city in the dirt.  To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the ANZAC landing we went to the Denham dawn service. A boy must have not had anything to eat or drink because he fainted.

Dawn service

At Monkey Mia we went on the Aristocat 2 and saw dugongs and dolphins.  There were even Manta rays that were “waving” at us by lifting the tips of their fins out of the water.


At the dolphin feeding I got picked to feed Nicky.  I felt really nervous feeding Nicky but it turned out to be alright.


At Carnarvon we visited the Space and Technology Museum.  They had an Apollo launch simulator and it was so awesome I went in it twice.  When you hopped inside you had to press a BIG RED BUTTON!  It triggered a self destruct system (just joking).  It actually triggered the launch sequence.  The launch sequence took 7 minutes.  Firstly you got outside views of the rocket and the big crowd watching, then you heard the booster ignition start and then you blasted off into space.  The simulation ended shortly after that.  They also had quite a few pieces of original communications panels and we were allowed to play with them! DSC_3037

At Coral Bay we stayed 4 nights and 4 days.  We went snorkelling everyday and saw clams, coral and lots of fish.  I even saw 2 sting rays.  While we were there we went on a snorkelling tour and I got to swim with a turtle.  Next we found a Manta ray and swam with it too.  After that we went to “Ashoes gap” and saw a reef shark cleaning station and a 2m shark.  The Manta snorkel was not that good because the viz was very poor and the ray was on the bottom which was 5m below.  Ashoes was awesome because I saw my first wild shark.

Bye from Sam.

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  1. This was great reading Sam! You have a very good descriptive writing style and I was able to relive our visits to all these places through your words. Thanks!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I think I must have had a lucky streak with that post, but I will try my best to keep it up. From Sam.