Peppermint Grove

On Wednesday, we left Waikiki and headed to Jayco in Perth to pick up a replacement spare wheel (the wheel nut incident had severely damaged the remaining two holes). After our fright with the van wheel, and probably feeling a little vulnerable, I also grabbed two spare wheel bearings for Alice.

After plugging ‘posh part of town’ into the Tom-tom, we arrived at my brother’s place in Peppermint Grove. It was great to catch up, as it’s been a few years.  The boys loved playing with their bigger cousins Ben and Josh and their fabulous collection of Lego and Wii Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego games.


Craig took us all out on his boat to Rottnest on Good Friday. It was a perfect day, and we got in the line of 8 knot traffic along the Swan River before crossing over to ‘Rotto’.


The water off the beaches was like a parking lot, with vessels ranging from modest 15 ft. half cabins to multi-million dollar cruisers. After an ice cream and some quick quokka spotting on shore, we headed home, stopping to nab a few careless squid in a bit of ink squirting excitement half way back to Perth.


On Saturday morning Craig took us out for some ‘skurfing’ and ‘biscuiting’. Without any practice, I was able to expertly show everyone the correct way to fall off a surfboard (the others were hopeless, they could all stand up straight away), and the boys had great fun being towed on the inflatable ‘biscuit’. This really is a stunning part of Perth, and it was wonderful to catch up with Craig, Vanessa and the boys.

One thought on “Peppermint Grove

  1. Great photo of the family Julian – thank you. You obviously had a really fun time with Craig and family and everyone looks so well. With love to you all