No not USA, but south of Perth. This area had been unfairly described to us as the ‘bad lands’ by several punters in our travels (all Perth-ites).  We thought it was a lovely part of the world. Just a few meters from our home for the next three days was a beautiful quiet beach, where I was to see my first ‘real’ western sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Our reason for staying at Waikiki was to catch up with Patti, a colleague of Kris’ from BRGP days before she moved to WA about 10 years ago. Pattie and Don were the most amazing hosts having thoughtfully included a “boat” garage in their recent renovations that easily fitted Alice (without unhitching!) behind roller doors. We were made to feel very welcome, with Don promising me in advance at least once hangover.


Sea Lion at Shag rock.

On our first day, while Kris and Pattie hung out at home and the kids sat glued to ABC3, Don and I hitched up his two-man sea kayak, grabbed some fishing rods and headed out to Penguin Island, a little limestone crag just off the coast. Don obviously knows his way around and we circumnavigated the island, through the swell without drama. We paddled over to Shag Rock to check out the sea lions and bird rookery before doing a spot of fishing. Half the time was spent avoiding a 2m wide sting ray and a pesky swimming cormorant, no doubt attracted by the burley and missing fish from under the kayak.


Sam out in the kayak.

The next day we took the boys down to the beach in smaller one-man sea kayaks. Here I was able to expertly demonstrate to James just how easy it is to let a wave capsize you both into the sea. Apart from that we really just caught up on jobs and took a break from sight-seeing. It was great to be able to enjoy a little down time before heading up to the hustle and bustle of Perth.


The tripod cruelly forcing us all to look into the early morning sun.

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