Fitzy’s Bush Camp – Ravensthorpe

We got away in good time from Esperance despite some having to deal with an unexpected load of washing and headed east towards Ravensthorpe. We stopped in at Stokes Inlet to have lunch and then pushed on past more salmon gums to Fitzy’s Bush Camp – complete with resident emu ‘Milo’, just outside Ravensthorpe. We were happy to spend $15 a night to leave the van in a relatively secure camp – set up, rather than risk a free camp while we did our day trip to Wave Rock.


Fitzy’s Bush Camp.


Milo – the owners “pet” emu.

 Our start was delayed the next morning due to visiting Ravensthorpe hospital ED to get James’ suspected bladder infection checked out, but with antibiotics in hand we were on our way by 10:40am. Free of Alice, I was able to open the taps and actually sit on the speed limit! About half way to Hyden I heard a whomp and a bang, and saw one of the boys boogie boards fly off the roof! The other one must have ejected itself silently as it was nowhere to be seen. After stopping to pick up the offending board, we discovered through his tears that of course the missing one was James’ favourite. So without too much conviction, I said “don’t worry mate, we’ll find it on the way home”.

We eventually made it to Wave Rock, a 15m high chunk of beautifully eroded granite whose shape needs no introduction. In balmy 35 degrees, we walked under the wave, took some obligatory ‘surfing’ photos, then continued on over the top, past the rather ugly Hyden water catchment area and on past an interesting collection of cairns – supposedly made by bored tourists.


Julian – the human cairn.

We added ‘Hippo’s Yawn’ cave to the list, but skipped the nearby Mulga caves as it was already 3pm and headed home. About half way home, Kris piped in “we should keep a look out for that missing boogie board”. About 30 seconds later – it was spotted, lying in a ditch on the side of the road. What’re the odds eh?DSC_0550

Also spotted on the way to and from Wave rock was this truck perched on an escarpment.  Why? How? We can only guess . . .


That night, whilst I went outside with a camera (dodging scorpions) to take advantage of the inky skies and late moonrise, the boys were deliriously happy watching ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′, which was spotted in the camp’s DVD hire box.

 After a quick grocery top up and a visit to Ravensthorpe Museum (who says we aren’t educating the boys) we headed south to the widely proclaimed Fitzgerald River national park.

3 thoughts on “Fitzy’s Bush Camp – Ravensthorpe

  1. Hi guys, we have just started following your blog! A bit to catch up on…but we have just read it tonight and the girls were fascinated by wave rock! The scorpions look awful and I don’t envy the heat you r experiencing! All good here…term one nearly over thank goodness. We have Hannah’s scoliosis op planned for the 2nd April so we will be having about 6 weeks break from school and work…more time to read your adventures. Take care and enjoy, Rebecca and family x

  2. There is a similar Wave Rock photo of this Ellis family with two girls about the same ages as Sam and James. We drove Nic there in January 1981 when he was out from the UK to see if Australia was worth coming to live in! We left Perth about 5am and arrived back there about midnight! That March Nic met us at Heathrow as we arrived for our camper van trip, visiting girls schools and meeting aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time. By the time we arrived back in Australia in June, Nic was living in Sydney and working for the Manly Daily. Enjoy Fitzgerald National Park and Bremer Bay if you are popping in there.
    Love, Adrienne.

  3. other than Fitzy’s camp – we saw all this blog including that wodnerful truck on the hill. Puzzled about it for days. We felt Wave Rock was worth a visit even though a longish drive. So glad you found the surf board. Did I ever tell you that after our holiday Les had loosened the screws on our bubble but not taken it off the roof. As I went around the corner from David Road into Castle Hill Road, after Bridge one Friday – the bubble came off and flew across the road – missing all the cars and ended up in the middle of the road. A friend was just ahead of me, saw it happen, so jumped out to help me carry it back to the car. Bad luck for Les – I had a few words to say when I arrived home!!!
    Keep having fun with our love