After a dawn start we arrived in Esperance at a very respectable mid-day. Along the way, we stopped to show the boys some aptly named salmon gums, in surprise, Salmon Gums, as well as a walk around the edge of a salt lake. It did indeed taste salty, but I neglected to follow the boys advice and we didn’t keep any for our next fish and chips!


Because we were worried about missing out on a spot at Lucky Bay if we arrived on a Saturday, we’d already decided Esperance was to be cut short by a day. So we set up quickly, got our extensive shopping list together for at least a week without shops, and went into town to restock. I then dropped Kris and the kids at a local adventure playground we’d spotted on the way in to town and went to fill up Betsy. Then it was washing and packing up before rain set in for the night.  The caravan park was at least very shady, but like Coffin Bay, extra shade means extra bird poo on the car and van! The welcome relief was plenty of water to wash everything off with.


We are planning to return after a week or so at Lucky Bay.

3 thoughts on “Esperance

  1. Hi JKSJ,
    Looks like a nice spot to camp.
    The Salmon tree and Salt lake are interesting: never noticed the this tree before! Love Grandpa.

  2. Sorry you only had a day in Esperance. We had a lovely time there and I am so glad the boys saw the Salmon Gums. We thought they were just beautiful. love Ros