James – 2 States – A Summary

Since leaving Melbourne we have almost driven through 2 states.  After we left Melbourne we started driving on the Great Ocean Road.  We went to the Otway Light House.  We climbed the lighthouse and walked around the balcony.  After the lighthouse we went to a small town called Lavers Hill.  We got to see a sub-tropical rainforest from the ground and the canopy.  I liked it because it was very dark green,had lots of hollow trunks and of green ferns.
After Lavers Hill we drove past the 12 Apostles.  We took a picture of the 12 Apostles with me and our trip mascot “Hedwig”.P1030403

Our next stop was Warrnambool.  At Warrnambool there was a really cool BMX track and an excellent historical village called “Flagstaff Hill”.

BMX boys
We also visited Naracoorte caves on our way to Adelaide.  At Naracoorte we went on a cave tour where we saw a Mega fauna fossil of Leo – Thylacoleo.

Victoria Fossil Cave Naracoorte
When we got to Adelaide we booked into the Caravan Park and the man showed us our site in a golf buggy.  After our caravan was set up we went to my dad’s friends house called Eric and Michelle.  We had dinner at Eric’s house every night that we were there.
Next we went to Port Augusta. It was 45 degrees, luckily the site a pool.  The next day we drove to Port Lincoln.  When Sam and I were playing in the playground we met a boy called Harry.  He became a very good friend.  That night we went fishing down at the wharf.James beach CB_DSC_0089

The next day we drove to Coffin Bay.  In Coffin Bay we walked on sand dunes and beaches.

Next we drove to Baird Bay.  In the one day we were there we went swimming with sea-lions and dolphins.  In the water with the sea-lions I put my foot down and the sea lion came up and sniffed it underwater.  They were agile and fast.  It was warmer swimming with the dolphins but they kept on swimming away.

Baird Bay

Bye from James.

6 thoughts on “James – 2 States – A Summary

  1. I enjoyed your summary of your journey so far, James, and look forward to reading more as you travel onwards.
    Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
    Love, Adrienne

  2. Hello James,
    You have been busy!, and such a nice story about your trip from the Great Ocean Road through Victoria and South Australia.
    Thinking about your adventure, and all the fun you are having, makes me wish I was on holiday doing all the fun things I see you and Sam have done.
    I look forward to more stories.
    Love Grandpa

  3. Hi James,
    How lucky are you- spending time in cool, green rainforests, swimming with sea lions and dolphins and checking out Thylaceo skeletons….I’m glad you don’t have to worry about encountering one of them on your next bushwalk!
    XX Lots of love, Aunty Erika, Uncle Pete, Leroy and Audrey XX

  4. James, I did like your story about the Great Ocean Road. I went there many years ago when Julian was 10 or 11 and more recently I went with Alison. On that trip we climbed the Cape Otway lighthouse and visited the Flagstaff Museum. Alison didn’t care for the BMX track, so we gave that a pass. Love from Pa

  5. Hello James
    Today 2H viewed your awesome blog. You have been to some interesting places in your trip and we would like to hear about your future travels.
    “We miss you,” from Layla C
    ” We would like to see some of your amazing pictures again’, from Anya. M
    “Your pictures are the best!” From Jake G
    Keep us informed of your holiday and continue to have fun.
    From Ms Heagney and 2H