Mt Gambier

Day 25 – 26. Our next stop was Mt Gambier, only about 90 mins up the road from Warrnambool.  We were catching up with my old Uni mate, Adam Carpenter and his wife Lisa and weren’t due in till 4:30pm so it was a relaxed pack up and a stop at Towers Hill National Park for a picnic lunch, some easy half hour walks and a quick geocache find. There were a few tour groups pulling up for lunch also.  We overheard the ‘Bushman’ tour guide asking his group “what is the quickest way to spot a koala?”  Answer: “look for the tree with all the tourists under it looking up”.  Too true – have already used this clue twice on the trip to spot our first few Koalas in the wild.

SA Crossing

SA Crossing

To kill an hour after we arrived, and despite the persistent southerly, we walked up the hill to view the iconic Blue Lake (a lovely cobalt blue this time of year). After a few minutes Sam chimed in with the title of our future travel guide-book ‘Can we go now?’.

Blue Lake Mt Gambier

The next morning we pottered around Mt Gambier, taking in a pump house tour of the blue lake (6/10), the lovely but smelly Umpherston Sink Hole, and the cave gardens in the town center.J&K U SinkholeP1030490

At this point I dropped Kris and the boys at the library to hang out and soak up some free WiFi before being given an insight into the fascinating and highly secret world of tissue making with a personal tour of the Kimberly Clark facility at Millicent from Adam. Interesting for an engineer.

Before leaving for Naracoorte, I spotted some well priced diesel ($1.16), so filled both of Betsy’s tanks for the first time.

3 thoughts on “Mt Gambier

  1. So that is why they have all those pine forests (and wind farms) between Warnabool and Mt.Gambier – too feed the Tissue Box industry!
    Blue Lake is beautiful – unfortunately excessive irragation is dropping its level.
    Love Grandpa

  2. I notice Sam uses the comment :”can we go now” What about the usual one “are we there yet”/
    Sorry I am not sure what happens when I go back to your blog and then come back to this site and my comment has disappeared and have to start all over.
    Thrilled you saw the lake Blue. It was grey the first time and then the next day blue so we were then very happy. Are there possums still in the Sink Holes? The boys would have enjoyed that if they are still there playing and then diving into their holes in the walls. Remember the gardens being beautiful.
    Such fun reading your comments – we are thoroughly enjoying them and the photos. Glad Loch Aird was the same for you as for us. Couldn’t believe how cold the water was!!!